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In addition to making art during my insomniac hours of the night, I also love to catch up on articles and the ongoings in the art community during that time.  Last night I came across this article in The Guardian about Eric Fischl, an artist that has been through decades of change in the art community.  The write up focuses on several aspects of the contemporary artist, collectors and venues for showing work in America, but the passage I selected below stuck out to me the most.  Want to read the rest?  Read the article here in it’s entirety.

“If you start with the premise,” Fischl says, “and I know it is a romantic and naive premise, but I none the less think it is true, that artists are looking for love, and they are expressing love in their commitment to what they have made. An art fair is designed so they never get any in return.” He speaks languidly and laughs broadly. “Love is complicated, obviously. But the reason artists do what they do on some level is to say: ‘Don’t look at me, look at this thing I made and you will know the true me.’”

Have you noticed a trend starting?  This week’s song is the second in a series of songs in October all leading up to Halloween.  After last week’s Killer Queen, I thought the Sohodoll’s, My Vampire would be a nice follow up.

So here is where I’m going to drop the unthinkable truth bomb- I pretty much hate Halloween.  Cue the gasps, looks of horror (which is quite fitting given the topic) and the multiple inquires on how this can be. Yes, I know it’s a great holiday to use my creative expression. As a horror film fanatic, I know I should also be in love with Halloween’s frightening aspects. And don’t even get me started on the free candy component.

Let me be clear, it didn’t start off this way and is actually not connected to the holiday itself, it’s rituals or the general festivities.  The hate derives from a barrel of bad experiences that have coincidentally all occurred on Halloween.  From being left by my friends who departed early to go trick-or-treating in my youth to ending up in the hospital in my twenties with key components of one of my best costumes missing, it’s rarely gone well.  Finally, a few years ago, I decided to give it up cold turkey.  No parties, no candy, no costumes and no decorations.

Naturally, you can see how my month long dedication to Halloween themed songs is a huge deviation.  Just like a vampire, perhaps All Hallow’s Eve isn’t quite dead yet.

Hello Friends and Colleagues,
I hope this autumn is treating you well.  Below is an invitation to the upcoming annual Barn Show, curated and run by artist Cecilia Aquino.  This year she has asked me to show my work with hers, as well as create a new collaboration piece.  I’m thrilled to be a part of this joint show and if you can attend, we would love to see you there!
Artists Anna Prezioso and Cecilia Aquino would be pleased for you to join us for Barn Show 2014!
This year, Cecilia invited Anna, a sculpture, sound, image and installation artist, to team up with her in showcasing some of our best and recent works. Join us for artwork, drinks and small bites followed by a 5:00PM artist talk/Q&A period around the fire pit. 
Address: 10400 New Ascot Drive, Great Falls VA 22066

**Please park along the fence and side roads in from of the house before walking to the barn**

Feel free to contact myself or Cecilia with any questions.  
Interested in seeing some of our work?  Feel free to check out the links below.  We hope to see you there!

Anna Prezioso                        

Visual Artist

ph 908-963-1751
Cecilia Aquino
CRA Artist LLC

I would love to be able to tell you that my month long hiatus was due to something fabulous, an ambitious artwork or you know, saving the world.  The truth, though? I spent most of August and part of September trying to recreate the European lifestyle here in the states.  In other words, I went on holiday with the rest of Europe.  Closed for business.  Will not return until Autumn.  Too hot to work.  Punched out.

As soon as I made this decision however, I looked around at my studio, my apartment, my computer full of bookmarks and emails only to be left with a perplexing predicament – what do I do now?!  That’s where this week’s (ahem, month’s..) song comes in.

After some hasty calculation,  I was shocked to discover that it has been years, YEARS since my last holiday.  Not so much as a long weekend.  How did this happen under my watch?  Immediate ratification was necessary.  As soon as my friend proposed the idea of several days in a bed and breakfast near the beach, I had my swimsuit on.

The smell of the sea air, laying by the beach and having fresh linens everyday made me feel like a million bucks.  It was my own personal changing of the tide that reminded me I needed time off.  Time away.  Even if it is only a couple hours away for a few days.  Some holiday time every now and then has moved up to being a yearly requirement for the health (and sanity) of my mind and my tanned body.  Even the tide can’t stay one way for too long.

With that, I will officially say welcome back and it’s time to embrace autumn!  It’s going to be quite the season….




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