recollections of an artist

I decided to make this ‘song of the week’ a little bit, how should I put it….strange. As you will see there is no track on the sidebar for you to play.  No details of the week (yet).

This beauty demanded a visual. And like most lovely things, there are a plethora of angles to admire this one from.  So, below, are two.

First, the original, for there is only one:

And the second:

Do mind this one. Not for the faint hearted.  However, it might just set you free.



I believe one of the hardest questions you can ask someone is, “how do you feel?” and expect not only an honest answer but a clear one.  What I love about this week’s song is the dichotomy of emotions and ideas.

Lately ‘borderline’ anything seems like an appropriate response to someone asking how I feel. The fall is notoriously a bad time of year for me.  I look around and see the days of shadow’s past and find their dark outline following me like a ghost.  And just like a ghost, those shadow’s raise the hairs on my heart’s delicate pain receptors testing the borderlines of the day.

Not letting anyone break my stride will have to do for now.  Perhaps that is my everyday borderline.