recollections of an artist

I attend a weekly meditation group that consists of a half hour guided meditation and an hour long talk.  The teacher who leads the group is call Tara Brach.  You can find her website here.  One of the reasons I love to go is because she has a plethora of these great short stories that she frequently shares with the group. Of course the “moral of the story” is always on point, but I like that it also paints a picture for me.  A big part of my artistic practice is reading and listening.  Something I read or hear often brings me more inspiration that something I see.  The text below is one of the stories Tara told during last night’s mediation talk.  Don’t forget to check your pockets! 


There was once a thief who used to hang around the diamond district to see who was purchasing gems so that he could pickpocket them. One day, a well-known diamond merchant bought the largest, most beautiful stone, and the thief followed him onto a train. During their 3-day journey, the thief tried to pick the merchant’s pocket to obtain the diamond; yet, at the end of their journey, he hadn’t been able to find this rare, precious jewel.

Frustrated, he finally confronted the merchant and confessed, “I’ve used all the skills of my art. How did you hide it from me?”

“Well,” said the merchant, “I saw you watching and suspected your intention, so I hid the diamond in a place you’d be least likely to look … your own pocket!”

The treasure you seek is closer than you imagine; it is in the heart, in the core of your being, in the awareness that is right here.


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