recollections of an artist

For the last few days I have been stuck in the land of the dreaded cold. I am really not very good at sitting, feeling miserable and not being able to make art. Luckily, I finally feel like I am making a turn around here…

Every week for almost a year now I have been seeing an energy healer (For those of you who don’t know what that is, you’re not alone! I didn’t know either. Her website is here though so check it out for more info).  It has been one of the healthiest decisions I ever made for myself because it has gotten me to look at things from yet another angle and I love that.  Most recently, I rediscovered that I still find myself making decisions because I don’t question them – I just do them.  But why?? I remembered I do have a choice!  And if something isn’t working for me, I can change things any way I want to.  It started with socks (given that it’s winter and I need to wear them to keep my feet warm despite my serious distaste for them).  Last week I was sitting uncomfortable and annoyed thinking socks were my only option.  My energy healer suggested fleece lined shoes.  GENIUS!!!  Why didn’t I think of that??? This got me to thinking…
Last week I got a wonderful tattoo that I really love.  However, I hate the itchy, scratchy tender feeling that has followed it.  So my energy healer and I came to the conclusion that if I don’t have to wear socks, maybe I don’t have to wear a bra right now either!  At this point, I’m starting to think this woman is a miracle worker beyond energy healing.  That solution was so obvious, but I completely overlooked it because I just put my bra on without thinking anything of it. There it is – from socks to bras.

Now this week when I went into my appointment with my energy healer, I sat down and exclaimed, “Guess what I am not wearing??” We both cheered like it was the super bowl and our favorite team had won.  Not that this moment wasn’t already good enough, but she told me at the end of our session, “You know, even if you didn’t tell me you weren’t wearing a bra, I could tell something was different.  You have more space without your bra on.  Just more room”.  She said this while opening up her hands toward the sky.  And finally – The Happy Breast Dance happened.  This involved our hands revolving in circles around the front of our chests and dancing back and forth (judge all you want, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it braless).  I walked away still feeling the effects of my cold, but feeling so liberated.  I don’t think I have ever received a better compliment than hearing my breasts were full of energy.  They should bottle that up and put that in the cold and flu section because it worked like a charm.  I’m back!  And feeling full of this newfound energy!

I posted a video today of a band I can stop listening to . This is Audra singing live, but she usually jams with The Almighty Sound.  I hope you can feel my energy after you hear this because it is coursing through me now and thankfully creeping into my art.  I will post the results soon of what’s been going on in my studio so you can see for yourselves.  Happy Breast Dance to you all!


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