recollections of an artist

He shopped.  It should be recognized

A Happy Easter to all!  And if you don’t celebrate Easter, Happy Day to you then!

A good friend of mine, who I shall refer to as Mrs. Crotchcraft (her choice) from here on out, sent me this photo earlier this morning to wish me a Happy Easter. I want to also put the text messages we exchanged regarding this photo in this post.  See below:

Me: The picture you posted on my wall is adorable. I love his little cart.

Mrs. Crotchcraft: He is shopping for Easter dinner.

Me: It’s nice that he doesn’t steal his produce from a farm.

Mrs. Crotchcraft: He is respectable.

Me: It’s admirable.

Me: I’m putting the picture you sent me of the bunny on my blog today.

Mrs. Crotchcraft: Yay he shopped.  It should be recognized.


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