recollections of an artist


Yesterday I was driving in my car and this song came on to my iPod.  I first heard it on the show The Big C and now I am a Lenka fan. Often I am silently telling myself that everything is okay, but it’s so much more effective for me if someone else is saying this to me.  Especially if I trust them and the sincerity in their voice.  It helps me to push through the forest of lies I tell myself, my own insecurity, hopelessness and fear to see what the truth is.  I often get perfection and “okay” confused.  I imagine that everything is okay only happens when things are also perfect.  What I am realizing though is that’ s rarely the case, if ever true at all.  Sometimes it just comes down to the plain and simple, am I still breathing? Yes… Well, okay then.  Everything’s okay.


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