recollections of an artist

Can you feel it?  2014 is in the air.  The time has come to start those new years resolutions and begin planning how to cross off a few more of your bucket list items.  To honor the spirit of the season, I have been thinking a ton about the blog and what changes are going to be happening this year.  So here are A Life Imitates Art’s 2014 resolutions:

1.  More posts.  This post marks my “50th” post.  While this is an exciting milestone, I fell, to say the least, extremely short from writing everyday this year.  Maybe 365 is too lofty a goal, but by this time next year, I vow to be over 50 posts.

2.  More in progress photos.  I am so process oriented when it comes to my artwork, but I’m not documenting that.  One of the things I enjoy the most about this blog is a chance to show a little more “behind the scenes” and having more photos of my artwork as it’s being developed seems necessary to include.

3. A Song of the Week explanation. Every Sunday I post a new “Song of the Week”, but it has come to my attention that perhaps with everything else that is going on, it’s getting overlooked.  The songs I select are always so specific to what’s going on that week for me and music plays (no pun intended) such an important role in my creative thinking.  I hope by writing about each song, I will find additional connections in my web of links and explore some uncharted territory.

4. More Instagram!  The great thing about Instagram is I can immediately post something that is happening, with little editing and filters.  It is such a direct way to really show what’s going on in my mind and reflect back what I’m seeing. And let’s face it, I love instant gratification.

This list may grow, but for now, it’s a good start.  And that’s what the New Year is really all about.  Starts.



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