recollections of an artist

As promised, this is the first of many more “Song of the Week” posts.  Each week, I have posted a song of the week on the sidebar. I’ve decided, as part of some new updates this year on the blog, I am going to start writing a post each week about why I selected the song of the week.  It’s no secret that music is an art form, but it goes deeper than that for me.  I listen to music pretty much all the time, but especially when I am working in my studio. I often find songs that resonate with what is going on in my life and in my work and I thought,  why not talk about that?  So lets see where this goes…

This week’s song is “A Horse with No Name” by the Band America.  Originally called “Desert Song”, Dewey Bunnell wrote the lyrics during a time when London was being hit with a lot of rain.  Capturing the heat and dryness of the desert as a way to escape from the rainfall that surrounded him evolved into this famous tune.  Bunnell described the song by saying, “I know that virtually everyone, on first hearing, assumed it was Neil (referring to Neil Young).  I never fully shied away from the fact that I was inspired by him. I think it’s in the structure of the song as much as in the tone of my voice. It did hurt a little, because we got some pretty bad backlash. I’ve always attributed it more to people protecting their own heroes more than attacking me.”

We are all inspired by something or someone. Originality doesn’t mean void of influences.   I think we end up protecting our heroes  by acknowledging they still exist in the things we do.


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