recollections of an artist

The other day I was asked if I wanted to try out a new tapas restaurant.  There was nothing I didn’t love about everything in that sentence, so of course I said yes.  My lunch companion was someone I didn’t know very well, so most of the lunch, we spent chatting about the usual things like hobbies, interests, travels and so on.  Somewhere between the tapas and dessert I was presented with the following question – “So is there anything, once you put your mind to it, that you don’t do perfectly?”.  That’s when it hit me – clearly, this person had no idea who they were speaking with. At all.  It got me thinking, how much do we assume?

Later the next day, I saw the Lady and after my appointment, went back to my car only to realize I didn’t have my car keys.  Oh boy.  After dumping my purse and unloading my life’s contents onto the sidewalk, I realized I really really lost them.  After walking back and forth, checking her office, my pockets and coat, I was in panic mode.  I even went as far as to search through the public trash bin on the street (it would have been worth it if they had actually been in there, but since they weren’t, that part was just plain awful).  My mind had me fully convinced at this point that someone absconded with them and it was only a matter of time before they found my car and left me keyless and carless.  Smelling of trash, surrounded by the contents of my emptied bag and holding a now empty coffee cup, I began to curse the world and all the people in it, because everyone obviously had a hand in taking my keys. Sitting there defeated I began to collect my things and accept my fate when out of the corner of my eye, attached to a chain link fence, glistened my car key.  An angel of mercy rescued me from complete despair!  With that one simple act, my faith in humanity was restored!

At this point, I’m sure you can see what happened here.  I did the thing I was most alarmed by.  I assumed.  I assumed the world was just foreshadowing what Hell would be like, until I saw what a gift of compassion I was given.  My Lady reminded me that all assumption wasn’t bad, as long as I am aware of it.  Am I willing to let go of my assumption after I hear the truth?  Can I assume that I shouldn’t walk home late at night in order to make sure I stay safe?  Am I going to be truthful when someone assumes something about me that isn’t true?  Well, one can hope.  I’m pretty sure I will be able add this to my list of things I “don’t do perfectly”, but I don’t want to assume anything too soon.


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