recollections of an artist

I should say that the last few week’s songs have been greatly influenced by the movie American Hustle.  This week’s song, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road by Elton John, is featured on the movie’s soundtrack and with the awards season upon us and American Hustle already picking up some titles, I thought it only appropriate to add this song.

Much of my past week has been looking into past experiences, many of which I haven’t thought about in a long time.  This included a variety of people, places, events, feelings old and new, as well as a host of mixed emotions.  When I think of the “yellow brick road”, I imagine a path that takes me further and further away from reality.  The more I travel the road, the more I am swept into what I am experiencing.  I become ever present in what is happening that anything else becomes obsolete.  It’s not that I made an affirmative action to care less about other things.  They just quietly slip away, without notice and disappear into another time.

I see people all the time get swept into a job, a relationship or a lifestyle.  The question becomes, is the yellow brick road a viable option?  Or will it always end in a form of disappointment or regret?  When reflecting on my own experience, I don’t have any regrets about following my metaphorical road.   Did I notice that I missed out on things?  Of course.  Do I sometimes wonder what it would have been like if I hadn’t gotten so caught up? Sure.  But I loved the journey so much.  And the people in it.  And it was just as Elton John described.  Someone else quietly took my place after I left and there will be someone after them.  And I ended up going back to a path that was familiar, even after my many years of being away from it.  It’s so easy to slip away into the luxury and wonder of living for one thing. I came to see that the only people who end up being able to stay in the land that the yellow bricks travel through are ones that make a decision to stay once there.

It becomes about choice and decision, not how you got there or what happened before then.  I’m on another path entirely today, but I will be honest and tell you that in looking back, I began coveting old feelings and memories from my time on the yellow brick road.  I made the decision to exit off that road, but I can’t say that I have parked permanently. But before hitting those yellow bricks again, I have to be willing to see it for what it is.  It may feel magical, unique or even a blessing, but it is still just a road. Like those who have managed to stay, I have to be willing to see that the yellow brick road is an ever changing one. People, things and places will come and go.  Situations will change.  All that is truly constant are those yellow bricks.  And whatever those yellow bricks are for each of us, whether it be a job, relationship, or passion, the decision has to be, is that enough for me to live on?  Letting go of fear and what the outside world says, am I willing to stay?   Or will I finally decide my future lies beyond the yellow brick road?




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