recollections of an artist

In response to my return from the dead and back to the blogging world, I thought, what better way to introduce this week’s Song of the Week than using one that is featured in the deliciously dark vampire film, Only Lover’s Left Alive?  If you haven’t gotten around to seeing this Jim Jarmusch classic, it’s a must see.  Far from the usual Hollywood perspective, this Indie film depicts vampires living their lives in that ambiguous space between being alive or dead.

Just like this week’s song, different feelings, emotional states and chapters in our lives have a way of being intoxicating and all consuming.  These metaphorical funnels we often dig ourselves, but somehow also get lost in.  The spiraling journey can make us feel so alive until we realize that other parts of our lives have died on our watch.  Whether it is forsaking blogging time for making new artwork or two lovers becoming so entwined that they commit the cardinal sin of deserting their friends, I think we have all experienced this funneling effect one way or another.  So maybe this joined existence of life and death isn’t all that unfamiliar to us after all…


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