recollections of an artist

Allow me to begin by saying a strong part of my initial draw to this song was the duo’s name, First Aid Kit.  I’m absolutely positive that music would be in my first aid kit, especially if it was one for my car.

While I’m fully aware that if I’m suffering from an allergic reaction or a sudden migraine music wouldn’t be very helpful, it does help to heal the injuries that are not visible.  What I’m describing is part of a emotional or spiritual toolbox.  The things that can be used to ease the pain of trauma, the heartache of loss or the fear of the unknown. Anything that can help us to keep on keeping on.

What would you put in your toolbox?  Your first aid kit?  Your life raft?

If we are given the option to travel a rough road, with the promise of freedom at the end, wouldn’t the security of having such a toolbox be a reassurance?   Just like I wouldn’t go on a long hike without a bottle of water and something to eat, I’ve learned that a journey through the soul shouldn’t be done without knowing I have what I need to take care of myself.  Of course, we can’t prepare ourselves for everything, but I can arm myself with things that serve multiple functions, have helped me in the past get through the impossible or can hold me over until I can get reinforcements.  Essentially, what are the things that show you the silver lining when the end seems an infinite number of miles away?

I’m still in the process of creating a kit for myself, but if you are anything like me, music and chocolate are up high on your list.



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