recollections of an artist

I would love to be able to tell you that my month long hiatus was due to something fabulous, an ambitious artwork or you know, saving the world.  The truth, though? I spent most of August and part of September trying to recreate the European lifestyle here in the states.  In other words, I went on holiday with the rest of Europe.  Closed for business.  Will not return until Autumn.  Too hot to work.  Punched out.

As soon as I made this decision however, I looked around at my studio, my apartment, my computer full of bookmarks and emails only to be left with a perplexing predicament – what do I do now?!  That’s where this week’s (ahem, month’s..) song comes in.

After some hasty calculation,  I was shocked to discover that it has been years, YEARS since my last holiday.  Not so much as a long weekend.  How did this happen under my watch?  Immediate ratification was necessary.  As soon as my friend proposed the idea of several days in a bed and breakfast near the beach, I had my swimsuit on.

The smell of the sea air, laying by the beach and having fresh linens everyday made me feel like a million bucks.  It was my own personal changing of the tide that reminded me I needed time off.  Time away.  Even if it is only a couple hours away for a few days.  Some holiday time every now and then has moved up to being a yearly requirement for the health (and sanity) of my mind and my tanned body.  Even the tide can’t stay one way for too long.

With that, I will officially say welcome back and it’s time to embrace autumn!  It’s going to be quite the season….




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