recollections of an artist

Have you noticed a trend starting?  This week’s song is the second in a series of songs in October all leading up to Halloween.  After last week’s Killer Queen, I thought the Sohodoll’s, My Vampire would be a nice follow up.

So here is where I’m going to drop the unthinkable truth bomb- I pretty much hate Halloween.  Cue the gasps, looks of horror (which is quite fitting given the topic) and the multiple inquires on how this can be. Yes, I know it’s a great holiday to use my creative expression. As a horror film fanatic, I know I should also be in love with Halloween’s frightening aspects. And don’t even get me started on the free candy component.

Let me be clear, it didn’t start off this way and is actually not connected to the holiday itself, it’s rituals or the general festivities.  The hate derives from a barrel of bad experiences that have coincidentally all occurred on Halloween.  From being left by my friends who departed early to go trick-or-treating in my youth to ending up in the hospital in my twenties with key components of one of my best costumes missing, it’s rarely gone well.  Finally, a few years ago, I decided to give it up cold turkey.  No parties, no candy, no costumes and no decorations.

Naturally, you can see how my month long dedication to Halloween themed songs is a huge deviation.  Just like a vampire, perhaps All Hallow’s Eve isn’t quite dead yet.


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