recollections of an artist

In addition to making art during my insomniac hours of the night, I also love to catch up on articles and the ongoings in the art community during that time.  Last night I came across this article in The Guardian about Eric Fischl, an artist that has been through decades of change in the art community.  The write up focuses on several aspects of the contemporary artist, collectors and venues for showing work in America, but the passage I selected below stuck out to me the most.  Want to read the rest?  Read the article here in it’s entirety.

“If you start with the premise,” Fischl says, “and I know it is a romantic and naive premise, but I none the less think it is true, that artists are looking for love, and they are expressing love in their commitment to what they have made. An art fair is designed so they never get any in return.” He speaks languidly and laughs broadly. “Love is complicated, obviously. But the reason artists do what they do on some level is to say: ‘Don’t look at me, look at this thing I made and you will know the true me.’”


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