recollections of an artist

For the majority of us, the image of a lobster often presents in one of these two ways- free in the ocean or rubber banded in the tank at the restaurant.  A lot happens in between these two states, but we are most familiar with those two stages.

Recently, I discovered that my well being all goes back to the lobster.  In the wild, they need their claws to hunt, defend themselves and in my delusional thinking, hold claws when they find their life-long mate.  So when they are banded, not only do they become defenseless, but they also are safe from themselves.  Yes, I said it; themselves.  On one hand I see that they can’t clip the grocery store employee’s hands when their claws are closed shut.  And also, I see how they can’t turn their claws back on themselves.  Similar to being in restraints back in the day in a psychiatric facility.  Again, a lot happens between these two states.

What I am now asking is how can I live with my lobster claws and use them for their intended use only?  Can I live with them unbounded and not self sabotage?  How will I know what to do with them?  Is it obvious?  More obvious than what not to do with them?  Or is it just as obscure as a rock lobster?

Those close to me have had to deal with me verbalizing this lobster claw idea every time a situation with an unclear solution comes up by saying, “lobster clawwwss”.  So this week, as an ode to this conundrum, I’ve decided that Rock Lobster by the B-52’s is just the right song of the week. How do you handle your lobster claws? Is it anything like the B-52’s or more far fetched out in the ocean? As soon as I know, you can bet I will be reporting back.  Until then, LOBSTER CLAWS…..


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