recollections of an artist

10 Quotes about being creative:

1. “To be a good artist/letterer/designer/guitar player it takes PRACTICE.  A lot of it. More than you can even fathom when you’re starting out.” -Jessica Hische

2. “Make. Make mistakes. Make corrections. And keep making.” -Maile Ogasawara

3. “Sticking yourself in a situation where you can think but can’t actually work is the best way to come up with ideas.” -Steven Kilzer

4. “Stay inspired, work hard and be proud of what you do.” -Andria Sato

5. “The creative flow is something you have to wait for because it can’t be forced.” -Jennie Chen

6. “The most important trait an aspiring entrepreneur can have is an irrational optimism…a naive kind of self confidence.” -Jared Rusten

7. “What’s amazing about what we’re doing as makers is that there aren’t any rules. We’re making them up as we go.” -Christina Stembel

8. “Creating something by hand has so much love and soul – and we get to share that story.” -Andria Sato

9. “Always try to get better every time you do something.  You don’t have to get it perfect overtime.” -Jennie Chen

10. “Foster creativity and aspire to create unexpected joy and fun” -Craig Dalton


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