recollections of an artist

I recently heard this song in a movie and I’ve been playing it non-stop ever since.  In the film, it was played during a flashback to a time when the main character’s mother was still alive and the daughter could still experience the joy of her existence.  There is a saying that hindsight is always 20/20.  We see things most clearly after they are over because we can see what led up to and followed every event.  We get to see the whole picture, instead of being caught somewhere in the middle, only able to access certain information.  It’s only at the end do we see what was important, what was meaningless and what mattered most.
A majority of the loss in my life has been sudden, unexplainable and painful.  I can look back on my experiences with these people and see how maybe the days prior to their leaving explained something.  Or that those last few encounters became instantly more precious because it was at the end.

I love in this song how Simon and Garfunkel repeat the phrase, “If I could, I surely would”. People and experiences accumulate to have various degrees of impact on our lives.  For me, when a relationship ends or I experience a loss, it makes me think about what I still want to do or what I still want out of life, that relationship or my future.  If I could, what would I do?


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