recollections of an artist

Yesterday I came across this article about fashion (aka, “wearable art” in my opinion).  Two thumbs up for the DIY-er!
What’s the price tag on your #ootd?
The price of looking presentable can vary greatly on a daily basis. If you had to add up the cost of your clothing on any given day, you could probably land on either end of the price spectrum. That’s because looking good doesn’t always mean having to throw down thousands of dollars at Barney’s New York. It could mean wearing a $60 outfit you got as a gift from your parents. We recently came across a series of photos on the Polish website Joe Monster that seems to have been taken by Lincoln Center in New York City during a Fashion Week event. You’d be surprised at some of the budgets. Some people spent thousands of dollars on their outfits while others made their ensembles themselves!
Check out the inspiring photo series below for a closer look.



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  1. Anonymous #
    January 10, 2015

    Interesting – The DIY and inexpensive combos are more visually appealing (to me).


  2. January 10, 2015

    haha love them


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