recollections of an artist

A lot of times when we are in the face of something scary, it can be unclear about which way is out, what is safe and what to do.  The other day I gave an analogy about a lion.  We can stay in the cage, safe from the lion on the outside, but then we are in a cage.  But what if the lion isn’t the lion we are familiar with?  Of course, the lion from the Chronicles of Narnia comes to mind; a benevolent, gentle giant that was only a threat to those posing a threat to him or those he loved.  So what if the thing we are afraid of the most isn’t actually happening?

It can be scary to imagine that we are in peril.  But if the stars never fell, what would we wish upon?  This week I am attempting to break out of the cage.  To face what scares me the most- the truth.   Just like the lion, it’s there whether or not I acknowledge it, but maybe I can begin to develop a new relationship to it.  Understanding brings compassion and that is exactly what I am in search of.


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